Review: FitMiss Ignite

Yesterday, I bought a tub of FitMiss Delight (Chocolate Delight). I figured I’d make my own protein bars, so I needed some whey powder. The salesperson at Whey King Supplements gave me a single serving sample packet of FitMiss Ignite in Strawberry Margarita, so I decided to drink it before my workout today. It was my first time to try a preworkout.


FitMiss Ignite contains Beta-Alanine, L-Carnitine, Taurine and Glycine. I’ve been taking creatine supplements daily for the past four weeks, so I was curious to see the effect of beta-alanine considering I was probably already saturated with creatine.

First Impressions: Taste

Strawberry Margarita tasted decent. It wasn’t awesome but it also wasn’t awful, though I must admit the flavor is pretty artificial. I chugged it down 30 minutes before my workout and followed up with another glass of water just to wash away the artificial taste. (The packet has a reminder to drink at least a gallon of water when taking this preworkout.) I had my doubts when I saw the girly pastel pink color… it looked like strawberry flavored milk. But…


After 20 minutes

I wanted to wait the full 30 minutes before starting my workout. About 20 minutes after drinking, I started to feel tingly all over, like I had to just MOVE. I guess it’s a pretty effective energy booster – I just wonder how it would work in the long run. It was my first time to use a preworkout, so I guess that contributed to the new tingly feeling. It freaked me out a bit, but I was definitely amped to start my workout.

During the workout

It helped A LOT. I felt tingly when I wasn’t moving and that definitely motivated me to get moving and push myself. I ended up also adding extra 1kg plates to each of my dumbbells. By the end of my usual workout routine, I was still a bit amped so I added an extra set of all my movements.


Effective at the beginning, though I can’t say how consistent it would be after long term use. I called my trusted supplements store about obtaining more of this product but they said they only carry samples at the moment, so until I can get a whole tub I guess I’ll never know. These single serve packets are worth a try, though, especially for the curious.