Beauty Buffet 365 Daily Mask


A friend bought me a few of these masks during a trip to Watsons. Today was a bit stressful, so I decided to put on one of these masks after using a witch hazel astringent before bed.


After my Etude House sheet mask challenge, I’ve become a fan of sheet masks, and I’m ready to try almost any brand. This mask has a protective paper cover, which makes it easy to unfold and put on your face. I liked this part a lot.

I have a few complaints about this mask, though. First is the smell. It’s obviously artificial, and it made me feel a bit heady. The second is the cloth used is very thick. It didn’t fall off, but it didn’t adhere to my skin as well as the Etude masks did.

Post-mask, my skin did brighten up a bit. It didn’t leave my face with a shiny layer of residue. I really do not like that smell, though. I can live with the thick cloth that pulls away from my skin, but I have to see if the smell will bother me the next time I use it.




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