So, I gave the 7 day sheet mask thing a shot…

I’m obviously far behind when it comes to jumping the Korean sheet mask bandwagon. My skincare regimen is pretty basic and just consists of soap and water. Maybe an acne spot treatment product if needed. I’m very new to this whole mask thing.

Recently, I went on vacation and visited my mom’s hometown. A lot of my cousins are based there, so visiting usually means we all gather and drink practically every night. After five nights of drinking and unhealthy bar food, my skin was dry, rough and dehydrated. I did not like it one bit.

When I got home, I headed straight to Watsons and bought a facial cleanser, scrub, peel-off mask, nose strips, and moisturizer. I lingered a bit when I saw the sheet masks, and then decided to just go back after doing more research.

A quick Google search showed me posts from people who tried using a sheet mask daily for a week. I decided to drop by the nearest Korean cosmetics store (instead of Watsons) to grab a bunch of masks for myself.

Here’s how I looked the morning before I started this experiment.


So here are the 7 masks I used for each day of the week. All were purchased from Etude House. I specifically bought sheet masks and passed on the hydrogel masks because they were a bit more expensive.


Day 1: Damask Rose (Fresh Moisture)


This says fresh moisture. I put this on when I got home from the gym. I thought this would feel like an icky slimy mess but I actually like it a lot. Unfurling the mask was a bit tricky because it’s so thin, I was so scared of ripping it. It smells good, and it seems to have a cooling effect on the skin. I almost don’t want to take it off.


Day 2: Lotus (Soothing and Purifying)

Woke up looking like this. Skin feels smooth.


I didn’t have much to do today, so I used the mask in the afternoon. The Lotus and Damask Rose sheets both smell pretty much the same. This mask is very drippy though.


Have I mentioned how much I like their package designs?


Day 3: Snail (Smoothening and Firming)

Woke up with a small pimple along my hairline this morning, which is probably caused by bad sleeping habits. I’ve been having trouble sleeping since I got back from vacation. I’m using the Snail Mask today.


The essence on this mask is a different texture from the previous ones. The others had a translucent gel-like essence, while this has a milky-looking essence.


I used it right after a hot shower, and it felt amazing on my face as usual.

Day 4: Manuka Honey (Rich Moisturization)


My skin feels good this morning. Pardon my messy bed head, though. Haha! Using the Manuka Honey mask today. Plus my loot of Innisfree sheet masks from Beauty MNL arrived today. I’ll review that soon! For now, let’s focus on the Manuka Honey mask.


This mask is very moisturizing. I don’t like how super shiny my face got when I took it off, though.


Day 5: Lemon (Moisturizing and Brightening)17793187_1215085495206639_403235148_n

Woke up with a zit on my chin this morning. I didn’t get to put on a mask first thing because I had to prepare to drop by a bridal fair. I had to go straight to getting ready. I ran out of primer a few weeks ago and I keep forgetting to buy a bottle, but slathering on makeup wasn’t a battle today. My foundation glided on smoothly even without primer. Big improvement.

I put on the Lemon mask when I got home while I pored over catering, photography, makeup, and event venue brochures and flyers. It did deliver on what it promised: it does brighten your face and make it glow.

Day 6: Aloe (Soothing Moisture)

Church day, and I woke up late, so I once again put on the Aloe mask before bed.


This is very soothing, but what I noticed with these masks that promise moisture is that they tend to leave my face very shiny.


Day 7: Pearl (Bright Complexion)


A fellow bride and I went out to look at fabrics and gown designers really early today, so I didn’t put on the mask until after I got home.


I honestly really like this mask. It was very soothing, especially after a day of walking the dirty, polluted streets of Manila. My face was bright and glowy when I took it off.


My skin was in really awful shape when I started this challenge. It may not have looked as awful in photos, but it sure felt awful. It was rough, dry, flaky. It felt really good to be able to get back to having smooth skin. The changes and improvements may not have been major, but it felt good to put on a mask every day and actually take advantage of the soothing effects, especially since it’s the summer season here. It’s not something I would do every day since it’s pretty expensive, but it’s something I might look into doing occasionally. It was a good way to get into the momentum of actually caring for my skin. During this experiment, I ended up paying attention to my skin care routine a lot more. I now have a bottle of Micellar water, a mild cleanser, an anti-acne bar, a scrub, a tube of facial sunblock, and a night cream.


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