Beauty Buffet 365 Daily Mask


A friend bought me a few of these masks during a trip to Watsons. Today was a bit stressful, so I decided to put on one of these masks after using a witch hazel astringent before bed. Continue reading “Beauty Buffet 365 Daily Mask”


So, I gave the 7 day sheet mask thing a shot…

I’m obviously far behind when it comes to jumping the Korean sheet mask bandwagon. My skincare regimen is pretty basic and just consists of soap and water. Maybe an acne spot treatment product if needed. I’m very new to this whole mask thing.

Recently, I went on vacation and visited my mom’s hometown. A lot of my cousins are based there, so visiting usually means we all gather and drink practically every night. After five nights of drinking and unhealthy bar food, my skin was dry, rough and dehydrated. I did not like it one bit.

When I got home, I headed straight to Watsons and bought a facial cleanser, scrub, peel-off mask, nose strips, and moisturizer. I lingered a bit when I saw the sheet masks, and then decided to just go back after doing more research.

A quick Google search showed me posts from people who tried using a sheet mask daily for a week. I decided to drop by the nearest Korean cosmetics store (instead of Watsons) to grab a bunch of masks for myself.

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