Holy smokes, I’m engaged!

I woke up two Sundays ago, thinking it was just going to be another normal day. I would go to lunch with my family and my boyfriend, get coffee, go to church, and then go home, relax, maximize the weekend before diving back into the workweek.

Imagine my surprise when we parked outside my house after church, and I saw my boyfriend taking out a red ring box. Everything just went blank after that. All I remember is saying yes, him showing me the ring, sliding it on my finger, and going inside to tell my parents.

So, I’m engaged. It’s been almost two weeks, and it hasn’t sunk in yet. We’ve decided to enjoy the first month before we dive into the wedding preparations. I’m also getting used to wearing bling, since I don’t normally wear jewelry except for earrings and an occasional necklace.

More than getting used to the ring – which is beautiful, I must say – I also need to get used to the fact that I am going to be a wife soon. Sometimes I wonder if I’m ready, if I’d make a good wife, etc. Stuff like that. Then I realize the same thoughts are probably running through his head. He’s probably wondering if he’d make a good husband… and if he had enough courage to propose, then I suppose we’re both going to make it work.

I’m nervous for the next few months and all the planning ahead of us. But I’m also excited.


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