So, I gave the 7 day sheet mask thing a shot…

I’m obviously far behind when it comes to jumping the Korean sheet mask bandwagon. My skincare regimen is pretty basic and just consists of soap and water. Maybe an acne spot treatment product if needed. I’m very new to this whole mask thing.

Recently, I went on vacation and visited my mom’s hometown. A lot of my cousins are based there, so visiting usually means we all gather and drink practically every night. After five nights of drinking and unhealthy bar food, my skin was dry, rough and dehydrated. I did not like it one bit.

When I got home, I headed straight to Watsons and bought a facial cleanser, scrub, peel-off mask, nose strips, and moisturizer. I lingered a bit when I saw the sheet masks, and then decided to just go back after doing more research.

A quick Google search showed me posts from people who tried using a sheet mask daily for a week. I decided to drop by the nearest Korean cosmetics store (instead of Watsons) to grab a bunch of masks for myself.

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Holy smokes, I’m engaged!

I woke up two Sundays ago, thinking it was just going to be another normal day. I would go to lunch with my family and my boyfriend, get coffee, go to church, and then go home, relax, maximize the weekend before diving back into the workweek.

Imagine my surprise when we parked outside my house after church, and I saw my boyfriend taking out a red ring box. Everything just went blank after that. All I remember is saying yes, him showing me the ring, sliding it on my finger, and going inside to tell my parents.

So, I’m engaged. It’s been almost two weeks, and it hasn’t sunk in yet. We’ve decided to enjoy the first month before we dive into the wedding preparations. I’m also getting used to wearing bling, since I don’t normally wear jewelry except for earrings and an occasional necklace.

More than getting used to the ring – which is beautiful, I must say – I also need to get used to the fact that I am going to be a wife soon. Sometimes I wonder if I’m ready, if I’d make a good wife, etc. Stuff like that. Then I realize the same thoughts are probably running through his head. He’s probably wondering if he’d make a good husband… and if he had enough courage to propose, then I suppose we’re both going to make it work.

I’m nervous for the next few months and all the planning ahead of us. But I’m also excited.

In Defense of the Gym Selfie

Someone I know once wrote on their social media account that taking and posting photos while at the gym was “just no.” I found myself raising an eyebrow while reading it.

The gym I go to has no mirrors, except for a small one in the dimly lit bathroom. Plus, it’s usually crowded and workouts can get especially intense, at the end of which I’m sure I end up looking like a crazy hag. So I’m not guilty of taking selfies at the gym, but I do take videos when my boyfriend and I reach certain milestones and achieve personal records. And, yes, we post them on social media.

For those who have the same thoughts as the aforementioned individual who posted negatively about fitness-related posts, here are my thoughts:

  • Why the hell can’t we post what we want? My timeline/feed, my rules (as long as I don’t do anything illegal). You have full freedom over your timeline, who are you to dictate what’s allowed on mine?
  • Are we not allowed to post about things we’re passionate about? Ask anyone at the gym who has been working out for a long time. Going to the gym isn’t just about showing up and just winging it. Getting fit and staying fit requires passion, determination, and a whole lot of hard work. It might be hard to believe, but maybe there are people who display the same level of passion for fitness the way you do for the things you post on your timeline, whether it be travel, food, music, animals… Why is the gym so taboo?
  • We aren’t hurting anyone. When someone posts a workout video or selfie, I don’t think a dolphin or a cat gets murdered or hurt. Unless it’s your ego that’s taking a severe beating?
  • People naturally like to post their achievements on social media. Don’t you? I’m pretty sure the last time you felt fulfilled about something, one of the things you wanted to do was share it on social media so your friends could celebrate with you. I guess gymgoers aren’t allowed to do that when they do their first pull-up or accomplish their first PR. After all, gym photos are so offensive (see how ridiculous that sounds?).
  • We’re not the only ones who humblebrag. Admit it, a lot of your posts are actually forms of humblebragging. You don’t need to be inside a gym to be able to humblebrag. Pot, meet kettle.
  • That gym-selfie? It took a lot of work, buddy. You might think all it took was the simple tap of the shutter button on a touch screen. But that #TransformationTuesday selfie was probably the result of months (even years!) of hard work, a proper diet, and good lifestyle habits (not to mention gym and supplement expenses). You don’t get those gains or lose those inches by putting on makeup for 30 minutes and throwing on a cute outfit. Those results came from long term genuine hard work and discipline. Think about that for a while.

My point is, if the sight of people trying to improve themselves and lead a better lifestyle is so offensive to you, then adjust your newsfeed settings to make sure they don’t show up on your feed again. Better yet, unfriend them because who needs all that healthy bullshit in their life, right? Then maybe take a seat and figure out why it bothers you so much that someone you know is trying to be a better version of themselves. Your reaction to a simple gym selfie says more about you than the selfie-taker. Just saying.


Review: FitMiss Ignite

Yesterday, I bought a tub of FitMiss Delight (Chocolate Delight). I figured I’d make my own protein bars, so I needed some whey powder. The salesperson at Whey King Supplements gave me a single serving sample packet of FitMiss Ignite in Strawberry Margarita, so I decided to drink it before my workout today. It was my first time to try a preworkout.


FitMiss Ignite contains Beta-Alanine, L-Carnitine, Taurine and Glycine. I’ve been taking creatine supplements daily for the past four weeks, so I was curious to see the effect of beta-alanine considering I was probably already saturated with creatine.

First Impressions: Taste

Strawberry Margarita tasted decent. It wasn’t awesome but it also wasn’t awful, though I must admit the flavor is pretty artificial. I chugged it down 30 minutes before my workout and followed up with another glass of water just to wash away the artificial taste. (The packet has a reminder to drink at least a gallon of water when taking this preworkout.) I had my doubts when I saw the girly pastel pink color… it looked like strawberry flavored milk. But…


After 20 minutes

I wanted to wait the full 30 minutes before starting my workout. About 20 minutes after drinking, I started to feel tingly all over, like I had to just MOVE. I guess it’s a pretty effective energy booster – I just wonder how it would work in the long run. It was my first time to use a preworkout, so I guess that contributed to the new tingly feeling. It freaked me out a bit, but I was definitely amped to start my workout.

During the workout

It helped A LOT. I felt tingly when I wasn’t moving and that definitely motivated me to get moving and push myself. I ended up also adding extra 1kg plates to each of my dumbbells. By the end of my usual workout routine, I was still a bit amped so I added an extra set of all my movements.


Effective at the beginning, though I can’t say how consistent it would be after long term use. I called my trusted supplements store about obtaining more of this product but they said they only carry samples at the moment, so until I can get a whole tub I guess I’ll never know. These single serve packets are worth a try, though, especially for the curious.